Our Quality Assurance & Sustainability Policy

BENTONIT ALAM INDONESIA values quality, transparency & consistency in every product that we offer to all our customers.  It is paramount that every aspect of our process from raw material assessment, process credibility, quality control, research and development to work safety are addressed into our products.  We work closely with all our stakeholders to give them confidence and the best experience possible of using our products.

The company is an ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP Codex Food Safety Company.

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Raw & supporting material assessment

Only source qualified & safe materials from reliable & credible suppliers. These materials are tested in our laboratory before being used.

Process Credibility

Following GMP guidelines in our process is one of the keys to ensure product’s traceability & quality consistency are always maintained

Quality Control

We control every stage of our process from material procurement, production to product delivery in order to warrant the same high quality standard is always achieved, now and future.

Research & Development

With consistent efforts for continuous improvement and wide range of products, we offer the most suitable and relevant solutions for our customer’s requirements.

Work Safety

Providing all of our employees a safety awareness as well as safe working environment are essential to the sustainable growth of the company.