Activated Bleaching Earths

Since 1982 our bleaching earths have served various oil & fats refining sectors around the world. Our wide range of products, from natural to fully activated bleaching earths enable us to cater different demands & requirement by customers to refine variety types and quality of oil & fats that are available in the market.

Although some of our natural bleaching earths are naturally active and suitable for their applications, there are some oil refiners require higher activity bleaching earth products for their process. Our activated bleaching earth products are originated from selected crude montmorillonite clays in Indonesia that contain mostly calcium ions by nature. In this native and crude form, they can’t be used optimally as adsorbent, it still contains of roughly 50.0% of water and has very little bleaching activity. To manufacture optimum activated bleaching earth products, it is imperative clays have to undergo series of consistent and elaborate process, such as chemical activation with H2SO4, washing for residual acid removal, filtration, drying, milling & classifying before delivery to all our customers.

Benefits of our Activated Bleaching Earths

Available in 25kgs, 1000kgs bags or bulk road tankers of up to 25,000kgs

The following information is our typical parameter of our products, please contact us for more details & update of specific product

General Parameter
< 15.0
Bulk Density
0.45 - 0.65
2.5 - 5.5
Free Acidity
< 0.55
Passing 200
80.0 - 95.0
BET Surface Area*
80.0 - 350.0
Bleaching Efficiency*
> 75.0

*Depending on the product grades, quality/type of oils & processing parameters