Our Process & Facilities

PT. BENTONIT ALAM INDONESIA understands the properties of clay and how to optimize it. Our processing facilities run continuously for 24 hours-7 days a week, converting raw bentonite clays into consistent quality products for diverse applications. Selecting and processing crude raw materials are always a challenge due to its variation in chemical composition and qualities, a dynamic challenge that we always manage to control and understand since 1982

Strategically located at three sites in West Java region and with over 20 hectares plot of land, the company has dedicated processing facilities: raw material storage & segregation, acid-activation and alkaline activation facility. As no clay is alike, different clay yields different properties, these in turn will affect of how these clays can be modified, enhanced to meet different application requirements.

Our acid-activation facility involves the use of sulfuric acid to improve the surface area, increase the pore volume & create additional acid reactive sites of the bentonite. After acid-leeching process, these clays then washed, dried and sized according to the standardized specification. Acid-activated products are utilized in the industries of edible oil & fats, biofuels, mineral oils and catalysts. Our by-products are used for water treatment and building materials.

At our industrial specialty facility, we improve the rheology and viscosity of bentonite to yield a stable suspension in slurry and has good thixotropy. Our alkaline-activated products are widely used in foundry as green-sand casting binder, civil engineering, drilling mud in oil and gas, and many more.

PT. BENTONIT ALAM INDONESIA is an ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP Codex Company.