Foundry Bentonite

For many years bentonite has been a preferable binding agent to use for greensand casting and molding in the foundry industries. Its known attributes such as responsiveness to moisture, shape and mold ability assists foundry users to produce detailed castings from simple spare parts to more complex casting requirements in the automotive & other heavy industries.

Our Foundry bentonite products consist of calcium and sodium bentonite clays that are activated to provide users greater control, withstand repeated high temperatures, maintaining its durability & remain active despite of many uses.

Some benefits of our foundry bentonite products

Available in 25kgs, 1000kgs bags or bulk road tankers of up to 25,000kgs

The following information is our typical parameter of our products, please contact us for more details & update of specific product

General Properties
Typical Values
Max. 15.0
Bulk Density
Min. 60.0
WTS(10% in silica sand)
Min. 0.18
Min 7.5
Swelling index
Min. 18.0