About us

Welcome To Pt. Bentonit Alam Indonesia

PT. BENTONIT ALAM INDONESIA owns two modern dedicated processing facilities in the island of Java that are strategically situated by selective raw materials deposits in the region and only less than 100 km from the major seaport in Jakarta. These major features enable our company to offer wide range high-quality products competitively to the global market, from Activated Bleaching Earth as adsorbent & catalysts in edible oil & fat refineries, UCO (Used Cooking Oil) & renewable fuels (Bio-Diesel) facilities, catalyst in the petrochemical & petroleum industries, foundry bentonite, high-viscosity bentonite for civil engineering & drilling mud applications, multi-purpose binder/filler for different industrial applications, and to cosmetics/personal care.

We foster relationship with all our business partners based on trusts and mutual benefits, striving to enhance our values to our customers through quality, innovation & continuous satisfaction.  We make every effort to manage our operations, capital & business opportunities in an ethical, sustainable manner and placing the importance of our people above everything else.  We promote culture diversity in our working environment including hiring, training, and career advancement impartially.

Fully committed & collaboration

Aiming for perfection in every situation

High integrity & can be trusted

Sense of ownership & be responsible

Diversity & different opinion matters

Be professional & proper work ethics