High Viscosity Bentonite (HVBe)

Our HVBe consists of rheology modified from selected montmorillonite clay with its optimized swelling, viscosity and thixotropic properties. Having these properties in the products are not only essential but also crucial to make sure that they perform and stable under different conditions of soils, pressure & maintain its slurry-formation. They’re usually applied in slurry-form, developed to attain maximum hydration of the product itself. When they’re dispersed in water under high shear mixing condition, it’ll break down in plate-like particles, negatively charged onto their surfaces and positively charges along their edges.

Our High Viscosity Bentonite products are utilized from offshore/onshore drilling in oil & gas exploration industries to civil engineering projects such as soil-trenching, tunneling, diaphragm walls, sealants, water proofing and soil stabilization applications.

Some features and applications of our HVBe are

Available in 25kgs, 1000kgs bags or bulk road tankers of up to 25,000kgs

The following information is our typical parameter of our products, please contact us for more details & update of specific product

General Parameter
Bulk Density
R600 Min 30.0
Min 18.0